Campbell Participates in Governance Debate

April 15, 2009

Kiev, Ukraine. As Chair of the International Advisory Board of the Foundation for Effective Governance  (FEG), Former Prime Minister of Canada Kim Campbell was recently invited to deliver an argument for one in a series of debates on important topics such as shadow economy, administrative reform and taxation in the Ukraine. 

“The goal of the debates is to arrange an informative and efficient conversation on those issues of Ukraine’s economy development on which we don’t have a clear and simple answer. At the same time the debates are important both for the present and the future of Ukraine,” stated the Director of the FEG, Natalia Izosimova. “However, for us the process of discussion is as important as the content. We are trying to ensure that arguments in favor of opposing opinions can be expressed in a constructive manner, and that the opposing opinions can be heard." 

On Wednesday, April 15, 2009, Kim Campbell participated in the debate focused on economic reform during times of economic crisis.  Ms. Campbell argued that there were many risks associated with implementing reforms under the crisis circumstances.  The debates are televised on Ukrainian television, and the UK’s Intelligence Squared partnered with FEG to stage the debates in the Oxford Union style. 

The debates are important both for the present and the future of Ukraine." Natalia Izosimova, FEG Director, April 15, 2009

Nick Pisani of Intelligence Squared, who believes that the televised forum medium encourages public buy-in, said that these debates allow, “present, and, most importantly, future generations of decision-makers think and act in a different way."

Visit the FEG Youtube Channel to see a video clip of Ms. Campbell's participation in the debate.

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